What causes baldness?

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Baldness is caused by a mixture of genes and hormones the  host has very little control over.  There is more than one gene responsible, and though scientists are close, e have not yet identified all of the genes responsible for baldness.  What scientists figure is that an enzyme begins to convert more testosterone in DHT than necessary.  The high levels of DHT negatively affect hair growth.  Something that is interesting to note is that for some reason the elevated levels of DHT does not affect the top of the head the same as the sides of the hide explaining why those who are balding lose it on the tops of their heeds first.

In women baldness is caused by a loss of estrogen production with age coupled with powerful androgens.  The time of the most hair loss for women occurs during menopause because of the increased levels of testosterone in the body.

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Genetics is the main reason that people lose their hair prematurely, although certain medical conditions can also cause people to lose their hair.

There are three types of hair loss: generalized hair loss, patchy hair loss, and baldness in men. Generalized hair loss can be caused by certain infections, vitamin deficiencies, thyroid gland disorders, medication usage, and exposure to certain toxins. Patchy hair loss is caused by ringworm and alopecia areata. Baldness in men is caused by androgens, which is a male hormone. Genetics is a major cause of baldness and woman can inherit this as well, although usually women do not lose all of their hair as some men do.


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Baldness means total or partial absence of hair on the scalp. Baldness develops when the growth of new hair on the scalp is not sufficient to replace the old hair shed. This happens when follicles on the scalp die and no longer produce new hair.

The baldness can be temporary caused by some serious illness, mental stress, skin diseases, or effect of some drugs. Some amount of permanent baldness is a part of natural process of aging. In addition the process of permanent baldness may be faster in some individuals. This is related to combination of causes such as inherited traits and effect of hormone testosterone.

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