The Destructors Questions and Answers
by Graham Greene

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What has caused Trevor's mentally disturbed state in "The Destructors"?

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I don't know if I necessarily agree that T. is "mentally disturbed" as you put it in your question. However, semantics apart, we are given a real indication about T., or the "new recruit", in the second paragraph of the story which gives a real insight into the way he thinks and also gives us a real clue as to his motivation for the...

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pleaseletmeknow | Student

I wouldn't say so much as mentally disturbed as I would clever. Btw his parents are not divorced it never says they are, Greene just describes them individually.

The fact that his father is a former architect says that T knows a thing or two about buildings. Surrounding Old Misery's house is nothing but bombed out places. Look at the ending when the man who is driving off with a rope (little does he know) tied around his bumper finished the boys job and pulls the outside of the walls down. Mr. Thomas is sad and the man laughs I would question that more than T. Where is this man's sense of humor coming from? Is it the fact that now Mr. Thomas' house matches the rest of them, demolished?

a-student00 | Student

Two things, the World War II intense bombing period known as "the Blitz" and his parents divorce. Both have a powerful effect on the human psyche and they both did so with Trevor, causing the line between rational and irrational to blur.