What caused the social collapse in Lord of the Flies?  

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There are several significant aspects to the social collapse in the novel Lord of the Flies but one could argue that humanity's inherent wickedness is primarily responsible for the boys' failure to establish a civil society on the uninhabited island. Jack's behavior is the catalyst for the social collapse as he encourages his followers to neglect their duties in order to hunt pigs. Ralph is also responsible for the social collapse because he neglects to effectively punish Jack for his disobedience and fails to remove Jack from his position of authority over the hunters. Jack is able to influence the boys into following his lead by allowing them to express and embrace their inherent primitive desires to hunt, kill, and act like savages. The majority of the boys revert to their primitive state because they are not restrained by civilization's rules and regulations on the uninhabited island. The Lord of the Flies even confirms that the boys' inherent wickedness is responsible for the violent...

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