In The Leap, what caused the disaster at the circus,and what happened to the Flying Avalons?

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In the days of the Flying Avalons, circuses performed in tents -- not like they do today in colliseums and arenas.  The tents would be like the pictures you see in books -- with a pole holding it up from the center and other poles around the circumference of the tent.

The day the Flying Avalons were performing, there was a huge thunder storm.  In the middle of their act, lightning struck, creating an electric current down that center pole and onto anything else there -- the trapeze wires included.  The shock caused Harry, Anna's husband, to lose his grasp and fall below.  The lightning also caused the tent to catch fire.

Harry was sent to be buried with his uncle, an original Avalon.

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My cousin was a member of the Flying Avalons during WW2 and I have a photo of the act. They appeared in a film with Jack Warner and Claude Hulbert titled The Dummy Talks. If anyone has any further information I would be most interested. The lady in charge called herself Belle Avalon and her partner was Cecil Ayres. Names of the people referred to and dates woulod be mosthelpful.

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Hi there,

It all sounds rather familiar, My mother, Ruby Duncan, had indicated she had performed with the Avalons at this period, and a believe she was known a Mexico Avalon when the performed in Europe. She us to spin by her teeth while swinging from under a swing. She also had a guy, Tony I believe, who I'm named after. Who would balance on his head above her. She also had a roller skating act. I was very hard to get the exact information out of her. Sadly shes no longer with us. She was also in the film The Gretest Show on Earth. Sorry no pic at hand will see what I can find


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