What caused the differences we see in the physical appearances of people in different parts of the world?

anas123 | Student

Some people say that the physical appearances differ according to the place people were born in. Take people who live in Africa,for example. In fact, they are deeply impressed by their countries. This is why some of the are black and look srict. On the contrary, if study the people living in Europe, you may find lots who are calm due to the fact that they live in cold places.

Moreover, people are impressed by the food they eat. Those who are vegetarians differ from those who like eating meat. Therefore, their mood and nature are highly impressed by their meals. Some beleive that vegetarians are simpler and kinder.

Furthermore, the job one has can effect his mood and nature. Dealing with people who work in mines is totally different from dealing with people working in hospitals or airports. This means that it is important to choose the right job because it affects your personality and the way you behave.

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