What is the cause and effect in Chapter 14 of Lyddie?

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Lyddie worries about her family, so she desperately tries to make as much money as she can.

Lyddie is a factory worker because there is a large debt owed on the family farm.  She is constantly worried about money, and every decision she makes is designed to get her enough money to pay off the debt.

Lyddie had been hurt in an accident when a shuttle from the loom hit her in the head.

By Saturday afternoon she was back in her own room, and by Sunday the pain had dulled. Dr. Craven had cut her hair away from the wound and bound her head in a proper bandage, but she took it off. She was going back to work the next day, bald spot and all. (Ch. 14)

Lyddie is more concerned about her family than herself.  She feels like she is responsible for them, and if anything happens to her they will not get the money.  Her mother is with her uncle and has her two little sisters, and her brother works for a mill.  Lyddie still feels like the debt is her responsibility.

Diana took Lyddie to a doctor who was a friend of hers, Dr. Craven.  Lyddie is curious about the relationship, but considers Dr. Craven a good doctor because he did not give her a bill.  He clearly treated her as a favor to Diana.

Lyddie returns to work, and the overseer Mr. Marsden asks her if she is all right.  He tells her that she is his best girl.  Lyddie is definitely a hard worker.  Before the accident, Mr. Marsden added a loom so that she had four.

Mr. Marsden gives her a new girl to train named Brigid, who is Irish.  Lyddie is not thrilled, because she does not want the new girl to slow her down.

By the end of the first day, the girl was far from ready to operate her own machine, but Lyddie had run out of patience. She told Mr. Marsden to assign the girl a loom next to her own. "I'll watch out for her and tend my own machines as well." (Ch. 14)

Lyddie is not kind to Brigid.  She yells at her and the girl bursts into tears.  Diana is able to patiently explain things to the girl.  She thanks Diana for helping her with the doctor, and Diana asks Lyddie if she will sign the petition.  She still refuses.

Lyddie sees her neighbor Luke Stevens and hardly recognizes him.  He gives her a letter from Ezekial, the slave she lent money to.  In it is a check for $50 in repayment.  She writes a letter to her mother asking her what the debt is, because she thinks she may have enough money to pay it back.

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