What role do the pigs play in the animals finally rebelling agianst Mr. Jones and his four farmhands?

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The pigs do their best to lay the ground work for revolution in Chapter 2.  They are armed with Old Major's philosophical framework of Animalism and do not miss an opportunity to explain its relevance to the animals who struggle and toil on the farm.  Yet, the revolution and actions that lead to change were not really driven by this.  Instead, they were fomented and initiated by Jones' own ignorance.  One night, when particularly drunk and not mindful of the animals, he and the farmhands forget to feed the animals.  This ends up causing massive chaos, as the animals break through and begin to help themselves to the food.  Jones and the farmhands were ill- equipped and unable to fully contain the rise, which ends up becoming the first step to revolution.  The animals, armed with solidarity and strength in numbers, end up scaring off Jones and the farmhands.  In the process, the pigs try their best to frame the uprising as an extension of Animalism.  In this vein, Snowball ends up drafting the commandments of Animalism, as the paradigm is set in that Old Major's vision and the pigs' embrace of it help to cause the change in ownership of the means of the farm's maintenance and production.

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