What were the causes and effects of Pearl Harbor?

Japan attacked Pearl Harbor because the US presence in the Pacific threatened Japanese goals for expansion. Ultimately, the attack on Pearl Harbor was the deciding factor in bringing the US into World War II, siding with the Allied forces and eventually ending the war with Japan through the first, and with any luck the last, use of nuclear weapons on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. 

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Short answer is: Cause= America had placed an embargo on Japan due to their increasing power and taking over most of the South Pacific islands. Japan was wanting to increase its oil for its war effort and saw the Pacific Fleet of the United States as its biggest threat.

                        Effect= You've always heard that the bombing of Pearl Harbor awoke a sleeping giant, and that it did. The United States was to remain neutral during the second war in Europe and the bombing made declaring war a popular reaction.

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A cause: Both the U.S. and Japan were establishing and expanding their imperial holdings in the Pacific at the same time.  Same place, same time, same imperial design.

A result: U.S. allied with Great Britain and Russia to defeat Hitler.

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Pearl Harbor is an American base in Hawaii.  The Japanese felt that America's involvement in the World War was inevitable.  America had already been "stern" with Japan about its expansion in the Pacific (America stopped providing valuable resources to Japan) because America had interests in the Philippines.  Japan wanted to preemptively strike so that it could cripple American forces.  It did so somewhat successfully.  The Japanese attack on Pearl Harborcaused about 2400 dead, almst 200 planes destroyed and 8 battleships destroyed or damaged. The long-term effect of Pearl Harbor was that it brought in the US to the war.  It pushed Americans into the war that they were avoiding for so long.  The Americans fought a long and hard front in the Pacific trying to avenge the attack on Pearl Harbor. 

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