In Julius Caesar, what are Cassius' weaknesses and strengths?

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Cassius's ability to manipulate and persuade others into following his lead is one of his numerous strengths. Cassius has the uncanny ability to understand what motivates an individual and forms his arguments to align with the person's interests. For example, Cassius is aware that Brutus is an honorable man and appeals to Brutus's integrity and morality while convincing him to join the conspirators. Cassius is also an articulate man who understands how to use logos, pathos, and ethos to convince his audience to follow his directives. In addition to Cassius's rhetorical skills, he is a driven, passionate, ambitious man who successfully puts his plans into action.

Despite Cassius's numerous strengths, he lacks morals and is not assertive at times. He also makes several questionable decisions, and he is not very perceptive during some significant moments in the play. Cassius allows Brutus to spare Antony's life and does not prevent Antony from delivering Caesar's funeral oration. After

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