What is Cartesian Coordinate ordered pair?  

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The cartesian coordinate system helps you to locate any point in plane using a pair of coordinates. These coordinates represent the distances from the point to the set of x and y axis of cartesian space.

The notation used to designate the pair of coordinates that specifies the position of the point is `(x,y)` , where x represents the horizontal location of the point from origin and y represents the vertical location of the point from origin. Since the position on x is always specified first and the position on y is given by the second number, the pair of coordinates `(x,y)` is called an ordered pair.

The cartesian plane is divided by the set of perpendicular axis in 4 quadrants. Each point can uniquely belong to one of the 4 quadrants and you may establish where it is located using the following convention of signs, such that:

- quadrant 1: `{(x>0),(y>0):}`

- quadrant 2: `{(x<0),(y>0):}`

- quadrant 3: `{(x<0),(y<0):}`

- quadrant 4: `{(x>0),(y<0):}`