Assess the relevance of Karl Marx's views on society.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Marx's primary point about the nature of society being constructed in a materialistic mindset is highly relevant.  It speaks to the idea that there are other factors driving individuals and social configuration.  For Marx, human nature is not intrinsically good or bad and is not subject to the laws of the Enlightenment.  Rather,  it is a condition of being that is motivated by materialistic reality.  The ownership of the means of production and the desire to accrue greater wealth is how society is structured and how society is motivated.  For Marx, the presence of materialism reveals itself through a dialectic that goes back as far as historical consciousness would allow.  It is here where I think that Marx's views on society are of relevance.  They strive to find the root cause of why human  beings do what they do. In an increasingly globalized world, Marx's views on society and what motivates said society are relevant.  The presence of materialism and the cause of materialist reality strike at the essence of human beings.  It is in this light where I think that the relevance of Marx's views can be readily seen.

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