What are the Carl Jung's four functions related to gathering and evaluating information for problem solving and decision making. Which problem-solving style would be appropriate for an individual in the accounting profession? Why

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The four conscious functions that Jung has identified are Thinking, Intuition, Sensation, and Feeling. When pitting Thinking against Feeling, it is clear that an accountant has to be comfortable processing a large amount of information at any given time and synthesizing it. Hence, an ideal accountant would be more of a thinker and less of a "feeler." It is less important whether the accountant is introverted or extroverted, as this does not contribute to their ability to do their job well. Sensation wins against Intuition, as drawing the solution from immediate facts is more important (for an accountant) than considering the inherent possibilities and inner meanings of said facts. The accountant has to be accurate and work with the numbers presented to them, and they do not need to have an imaginative and creative mind. They need only be accurate in their synthesis of information presented to them. Thus, the ideal accountant would have a greater capacity to sense.

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The four conscious functions Jung identifies in his book Psychological Types are Thinking, Intuition, Sensation, and Feeling. According to Jung, almost everyone favors one of these functions. It seems obvious that Thinking would be the most appropriate function for anyone who wanted to go into the accounting profession, because accounting requires close, practical, realistic thinking, and accuracy is of the utmost importance. Jung states that individuals do not choose these from these functions but seem to be born with them, just as they are born with tendencies to be introverted or extroverted. Many tests have been developed based on Jungian theories, and some of these can be accessed on the Internet. The best-known is the Briggs-Meyers test, which is used to counsel people in choosing their vocations. It would seem that the ideal psychological type for the accounting profession would be a person whose "attitude" tended to be introversion (introverts like to work alone) and whose favored "function" was thinking. You can take the Briggs-Meyers test on the Internet and get partial results at no cost. There is an introversion-extroversion test offered by Psychology Today on the Internet, and they also provide partial results at no cost. 

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