What were the careers of Leslie's parents? 

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Leslie's parents have the same career.  Both of her parents are professional writers.  

Despite both being writers, the subject that each of them writes about is quite different.  Mrs. Burke is a novel writer, and Mr. Burke writes about politics.  Both of them must be fairly prolific writers, because Jess is amazed that an entire book shelf is filled with their books.  Additionally, Leslie tells Jess that money is not a problem for her family, so the Burke books must be selling quite well.  

I would like to include a few extra details about Mrs. Burke.  She writes under a pseudonym.  The text says that Jess was confused when he saw "Judith Hancock" as the listed author, but he understood once he saw Mrs. Burke's picture on the back of the book.  

It was really something to see the shelf that had their books on it. Mrs. Burke was "Judith Hancock" on the cover, which threw you at first, but then if you looked on the back, there was her picture looking very young and serious.  

Lastly, Mrs. Burke is the more famous of the two writers.