What is a Carbonate Tube, used in labs?

Expert Answers
lynn30k eNotes educator| Certified Educator

They are more accurately termed polycarbonate tubes. They are made of tough, clear plastic that is resistant to heat and scratching, and can be molded into whatever diameter is needed. They are lightweight and do not break easily, making them preferable to glass for a lot of things that go on in labs. You would have to be more specific about what type of lab to get a more definitive answer, but I used to use them when I worked in biochemistry--we used them in column chromatography. When filled with certain types of substances, they were used to separate biochemicals by size or charge. They were also used to make centrifuge tubes, which have to withstand a high degree of stress. I can't attach any links to this answer, as the ones I can find are ads for sale of products.

revolution | Student

They are more accurately known as polycarbonate tubes. They are from a particular group of thermoplastics polymers, which can be easily moulded to any length or size I want, and it also can be thermoformed. It is resistant to high temperatures, greater impact resistance. It is a very durable material and won't be broken very easily, meaning not brittle, like glass, so it won't not be dangerous and hurt others easily in the labs. It is very strong, and combined with its lightweith ability, is unbeatable and is used in chemistry industry and the science world. It can also be used to make test tubes to handle chemicals too deadly to touch.