What are some of Captain Torres's character qualities in "Just Lather, That's All"?

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Captain Torres is rather imperious. He expects for his authority and commands to be obeyed without question. When he enters the barbershop, he issues an imperative, "Give me a shave." No ceremony or small talk, no greeting or niceties; he is a man who is used to other people submitting to him.

Torres is also merciless. He has been in the woods for several days catching his opponents, and he says that "Not one of them comes out of this alive, not one." Torres hanged and mutilated four rebels in public, having ordered the entire town to come and watch. He clearly wanted to make an example of these four, and so he showed them no mercy at all.

The barber also calls Torres a "man of imagination" because he had the rebels stripped naked and used various parts of their bodies for his troops' target practice. Torres seems quite callous and lacks compassion for his enemies; he invites the barber to come back to the site where the four rebels were mutilated for something "better" later on; Torres says...

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