Dante's Inferno Questions and Answers
by Dante Alighieri

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What is a canto from the beginning of purgatorio that relates well with a canto from inferno in terms of how sinners are punished?? i need the canto in purgatorio used to be between 3 and 10, and it can be any canto in inferno

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A good question. Often the punishments may fit the crime in Dante's mind (and theology), but won't necessarily fit them in ours.

I'm fond of Canto 23 of the Inferno, with the hypocrites walked in lead cloaks that have been gilded and the punishment of the proud in Purgatorio, where they are weighted down with stones for their pride. These seem related. That starts in Canto 10.

If you need it to be before that, I'd have to group the punishments of Limbo (Canto 4 of Inferno) with those in the early stages of purgatory (Canto 7 and 8), but I'd prefer the earlier comparison.

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