Discuss the significance of Candy's dream to the American Dream in Of Mice and Men.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one of the critical elements to the American Dream is the idea of being a part of a community.  This collective notion of the good helps to enhance the idea that the American Dream is worth pursuing.  I think that this is a part of Candy's dream that is in line with the American Dream.  Candy seeks to belong, to be a part of something with George and Lennie.  After Carlson takes shoots Candy's dog, Candy realizes that there is a certain power in solidarity.  This becomes a part of his dream.  Candy understands that the isolation and alienation featured in not speaking up for his dog is the opposite to any notion of dreaming or conceiving of dreams.  At the same time, when Candy recognizes that "his lot" can be combined with the amount of money that George and Lennie has could allow all of them to experience life to a greater degree than being alone.  In this collectivized and community based notion of the good, Candy's dream is linked to an American Dream where community and solidarity is evident in the dreams of individuals.