What is Canadian identity and a Canadian personality?please explain thank you

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As you can imagine this question is far too broad to answer in any precise way. All people are different and to say that there is a collective identity is to make a generalization that borders on meaninglessness.

When it comes to Canada, there is a lot of diversity. For example, you have French speaking Canadians, the First Nation groups, Chinese immigrants in Vancouver and Toronto, and many more groups of people. This diversity makes the idea of a Canadian identity very difficult. When we consider recent immigrants, the idea of a collective identity is even more absurd.

When it comes to personality, things become even more difficult. With this stated, if we had to give an answer. Perhaps the best answer might be that Canadians are embracing of various cultures.


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Canada consists of people from many diverse ethnic groups such as French, Chinese, North American Indian, Filipino and so on. Many Canadians probably choose to first identify with their own ethnic group and then further identify with the broad Canadian spectrum.

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I think that there are a lot of contradictory stereotypes about Canadians in America. Some people in America seem to think that other than pronouncing some words differently and speaking French in some parts, Canadians are not much different than Americans.

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A great way to look at Canadian identity is through this model of commonplace of Canadian culture and identity. Several countries like australia have adopted this model for their discussions around national identity . I use it to organize my courses on Canada There are twelve commonplaces of our Canadian culture and identity. We all agree with them or we need to discuss and debate them . You can read about them in this monograph available at the link below Re 12 commonplaces of Canadian culture and Identity http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006G2PRAO