What can you tell me about the Druze in Lebanon?I know Druze is a kind of religion.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Druze faith is an offshoot of Islam which considers itself to be a reform sect of that faith.  The Druze live mostly in the Middle East, specifically in Lebanon, Syria, and Israel.

The Druze are different from mainstream Islam because of their belief in the importance of the 9th century Muslim leader Tariq Al-Hakim (some believe he was God).  For more on this, look at the "religious tolerance" link.

Specifically in Lebanon, about 5% of the population is Druze, but that number is hard to be sure of because Lebanon has not taken a census since 1932.

Because Lebanon has so many ethnic and religious groups, and because there is so much conflict between them, even a group making up 5% of the population can be important.  The Druze are an important group in Lebanese political infighting.  As of right now, they are on the side of those Lebanese who want to reduce the amount of influence that Syria has in Lebanon.  (For more on Lebanon and the Druze role there, follow the enotes link.)

parama9000 | Student

It believes itself to be a reformed sect of Islam and are considered to be a minority religious group.