What can you tell about Boo Radley in chapters 5-8?

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These chapters include some significant questionable events. Although their source is not yet known, we often believe Boo is at fault for putting items in the knothole that the kids retrieve as theirs. By chapter 8, Scout has a blanket put around her during the night of Miss Maudie's house fire. The kids were standing right in front of the Radley's place, so Atticus assumes that it is Boo which leads us to believe it.

If Boo is nice enough to carve exact images of Scout and Jem into soap dolls, and cares enough to put a blanket around Scout without her noticing, he might just in fact be a nice guy. The rumors that we heard in the first chapters might not be true.

We also learn that Boo isn't dead according to Miss Maudie. Why? Because she hadn't seen him carried out yet. Boo comes from a family that had some serious issues with their religion. They took it to extremes, so that might be why he stays in so much. His father might have made him for so much of his life that now it is a habit.

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