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What can you say about the rise of India?

There's so much that you could say about the rise of India. As Barack Obama said in 2010: "India is not just a rising power: India has already risen." Indeed, their agriculture and telecommunication industries rank second in the world. They are also churning out 73 millionaires a day. Their "rise" has not benefited everyone, though. About two-thirds of India's population are impoverished, with over 30 percent of Indians living on less than $1.25 per day.

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There is lots to say about the rise of India. When Barack Obama visited India in 2010, he said, "India is not just a rising power: India has already risen."

Indeed, India has come a long way. It has gone from being a British colony to a central factor in world economics and politics.

When it comes to agriculture (i.e., producing food), India ranks second. They're behind China and in front of the United State of America. When it comes to telecommunications (cell phones, internet, etc.), again, India has the second biggest market. It's...

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