How can you relate the war in Libya with its geographical location?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The civil war that is going on within Libya is not really related to the geographical location of Libya as a country.  It has to do not with geography but with politics.  However, you can certainly argue that the NATO decision to get involved in the war is related to the geographical location of Libya.

There are at least three aspects of Libya's location that may have influenced NATO's decision:

  • The fact that Libya is located in a place that has oil.  Oil is very important to the world economy and NATO has an interest in ensuring the continued supply of oil.
  • Libya is close to Europe.  Chaos in Libya could lead to a surge in refugees trying to reach Europe.  European countries have an interest in preventing this.
  • Libya is part of the Arab world.  This world is undergoing a great deal of upheaval.  NATO has an interest in reducing this since the Arab world is strategically important to the West (because of oil and terrorism issues).