What can you present about if you were to talk about youth and body image?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I had to pare down the original question because I think that there were multiple questions in it.  In constructing a presenttion on youth and body image, I would have to ask who the target audience is and what the purpose of the presentation is.  These two issues drive what is presented and how the presentation is supposed to be structured.  If the presentation is going to have a target audience of young people, I think that you need to make clear the impacts of body image's impact on choices.  This would involve using statistics, but not too many.  It would also talk about how celebrities have struggled with  body image.  I think that you would want to talk about how the body image developed in youth has a profound impact on the choices young people make and how people mature with their body image.  For example, if someone grows up with a conviction that their body image is poor, they become adults and parents who emanate such a construction for it is embedded within their psyches.  I would probably also focus on the medical realities of what happens when a poor sense of body image causes eating disorders.  For example, I think that young people would respond if it were clear what exactly bulimia does to the system.  It will impact with young people for it is honest.  I think that most presentations are rejected for this lack of authenticity.  In my mind, presenting these elements in a discussion of youth and body image would be where I would proceed, but the fundamental questions that precede everything would be who is the target audience and what the purpose of the presentation is.

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