I Am Malala Questions and Answers
by Malala Yousafzai

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What can you learn from Malala?

There is much to be learned from the story of Malala in I Am Malala, such as the importance of education, the dangers imposed by the Taliban and other extremists, and the power of bravery.

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There are so many great lessons to be learned from Malala. I will give you three reasons to get you started. First, her story drives home the importance of universal access to education. Second, we can learn just how dangerous the Taliban and other extremists are. Third and most importantly, we learn about the tenacity of the human spirit and what bravery and determination can accomplish.

With regard to education, Malala had a fortunate start to life because her father was one of the few Pakistani men who believed in education for girls. Ziauddin was a defender of women's rights and a role model who made Malala aspire to greatness.

The danger of the Taliban is made brutally clear in this memoir. Under the Sharia law forced on the Pashtun community, public flogging sessions were commonplace amid the murder of government officials and demands that girls stop attending school.

Lastly, looking at the beautiful character of Malala, we learn everything we need to know about dedication and bravery. Despite being well aware of the risks, Malala spoke out for her people by writing about life under the Taliban and starring in a documentary on a similar subject. Her efforts led to her being shot, but even this did not deter her from her desire to bring about world peace.

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