What can you do to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction due to food?

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Some of the important ways to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction due to food include:

  • Identify the foods that lead to the allergic reaction. For example, if a person is allergic to peanuts, s/he must know that it is peanuts which lead to the adverse reactions when consumed.
  • When food is cooked at home, care should be taken to not use the allergenic food as an ingredient. It is also important to not allow the allergic person to come in contact with even tiny amounts of the foods; this requires thorough cleaning of vessels and not sharing any of them while dishes are being prepared.
  • While shopping for food it is essential to read the labels and verify that the allergenic food is not an ingredient. Most manufacturers are also required to mention if there is a possibility that the food being bought could have come in contact with any allergen.
  • Many restaurants now follow a policy of asking their clients about food allergies and informing them if they could come in contact with these when food cooked in the restaurant is consumed. An attempt should be made to visit restaurants that follow this policy and specifically inform the management about any food allergies.
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