Economic Development

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What could be done to make a  forested small island of 3,000 people currently dependent on agriculture and fishing community develop economically?

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First, we have to understand that this may simply not be possible.  There are places in the world that lack the sorts of advantages that can allow them to develop economically.  I grew up on an island in Micronesia that sounds like this hypothetical (except that it had about 18,000 people or so).  The island and others like it continue to struggle to find a way to economic growth.

Second, we must understand that education is not a panacea.  If you have an island full of people with college degrees, it will not change the fact that there are few possibilities for a solid economic foundation for the island.  We see this even in small rural communities in the United States.  Good jobs that make full use of educated people tend to cluster in cities where they catalyze one another.  This will never happen on an island of 3,000 people.

Third, handicrafts and high-end tourism are not likely to make an economic foundation either.  Handicrafts do not sell in the bulk or at the prices that...

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