What can you conclude from the fact that African delegates were not included in the Berlin Conference of 1884?

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The main thing that you can conclude from this fact is that the European powers did not think that the Africans were worthy of having a voice in their own future.  This is completely consistent with the Europeans' policy of carving up Africa into colonies.

At this conference, the European powers were deciding the fate of Africa.  They were, essentially, deciding which European country would get which part of Africa and what the rules of the "Scramble for Africa" would be.  This means that they were deciding the fate of many African people.  The fact that they did not include African delegates shows that they did not believe that the Africans deserved to have a say in their future.

The Scramble for Africa was based largely on the idea that the Africans were inferior and that they could and should simply be used for the benefit of Europeans.  The exclusion of African delegates is another way of showing that attitude.

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