Can you help with a short explanation of this quote (for an essay):  "We each experience more than one reality "?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In one of Dean Koontz's novels, a character observes,

"Reality is perception...perception changes...reality is fluid, so if by reality you mean reliably tangible objects and immutable events, there is no such thing."

Since perception depends upon the mind of the person who views an object or who experiences an event, then as Koontz's character says, there is no absolute reality--"no such thing."  For, others may perceive the object or the event with a different perspective because of having had different experiences which come into play when the mind interprets what the senses record.

The paragraph above is a sample of how a writer can continue the suppositions made in the topic given by supporting it with the statement of the Koontz character.  In order to further support this topic, you can illustrate the points made with literary examples or by writing a narrative essay in which someone interprets reality to suit his or her desires and needs.  Or, you can develop the thesis with a literary example.  A work such as Tennessee Williams's The Glass Menagerie comes to mind as the three characters in this play certainly experienced more than one reality as they lived in illusions much of the time. Perhaps, too, you have read a novel in which a character perceives reality differently from the others in the book.  For instance, with To Kill a Mockingbird in which the children's perception of several events and people differs greatly from their perception at the end of the narrative, you can trace the altering perceptions of Jem and Scout, perceptions which lead to the maturation of the children.

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