What can I write about if I start my introduction to an essay about "A Rose for Emily" with this question: "is it possible to love someone until death do you part?"

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If one were to write an essay regarding the topic of loving someone until death in relation to Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily," one would certainly have to elaborate on her complex, disturbing relationship with Homer Barron. Tragically, Emily Grierson suffered under her father's oppressive supervision as a young woman and missed out on numerous opportunities to date local men. Following her father's death, Emily remained reclusive for some time until eventually taking an interest in a northern foreman named Homer Barron. The two began dating and received enormous criticism from the community because the citizens believed that Emily was way above his social status. Despite the fact that Homer was not a marrying man and there were rumors that he was homosexual, Emily continued to date him and eventually purchased rat poison to solve her relationship issues.

One could argue that Emily poisoned Homer Barron because she was aware that he would not marry her and eventually skip town. Therefore, Emily believed that by killing Homer, she could remain with him forever, which is a twisted act of romance conceived from her diseased mind. It is also implied that Emily committed necrophilia with Homer's dead body and slept next to him in the attic. Emily's disturbing actions reveal that she never lost her love for Homer and continued to love him after death, which corresponds to the essay's topic.

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If you started your introduction with the question "is it possible to love someone until death do you part?," you'd have to state your stance and give supporting points. For example, if the answer is yes, you can talk about Miss Emily and her forbidden romance with Homer Barron. Despite coming from a noble family and being accustomed to the good things in life, Emily didn't mind the fact that Homer was from a poor family. She dated him despite objections from the townsfolk and her family members. Even when he mysteriously disappeared, Emily was never seen with another man. It was only after her death that people discovered the corpse of Barron in her apartment. There was a strand of gray hair next to the dead body, which showed that Emily would occasionally sleep with her dead lover. In the end, only the death of both of them could separate the two lovers.

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