What can I write about the theme of Chris as a Christ symbol throughout the play?

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Chris Keller can be considered a Christ-like figure in the play because he is a beacon of truth, embodies a true forgiveness for others and encourages others to commit themselves to helping humanity. He also feels a sense of unity with his father, demanding integrity and honesty from him.   

Chris Keller is a force for good in the play; he represents honesty, honor, and truth even though it is viewed through idealistic eyes.  Chris actually believes in hope and tries to encourage others to devote themselves to helping humanity, such as with Jim when he encourages him to do medical research instead of practicing as a doctor.

Chris embodies a sense of forgiveness.  He invites Ann Deever to the house because he wants to move forward with his life, he wants to marry her.  In this regard, Chris represents forgiveness, like a Christ-like figure, since her father, Steve Deever, is in prison for the crimes committed in his father's and now partially his factory.

Chris is the voice of truth in the play, he wants his mother, Kate Keller, to accept that Larry is dead and that she should move beyond her belief that he will come back.

Chris is the measure of honesty that his father must meet.  When Joe Keller is revealed as a liar, it offends Chris the most.  Chris feels as if he has been made into a dishonest man by his father's behavior.  He closely associates himself with his father, saying that if he has lied, how can he, Chris, be an honest man.

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