What can we learn from birds, according to the poet in "The Tables Turned"?

According to the poet in "The Tables Turned," we can learn how to be wise from birds. By listening to the sweet music of the woodland linnet or hearing how the throstle sings, we can let Nature be our teacher, learning more than we ever will from reading books.

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The speaker wants his friend to stop reading his books and head out into nature. This isn't so much because he wants him to take time out to smell the roses, as it were; it's more that he thinks he'll learn so much more from the great Book of Nature than he will from the books on his desk.

As an arch-Romantic, the speaker endows Nature—note the capital N —with almost superhuman qualities. Yes, it's nice to go out into the forest and hear the birds singing, but there's so much more to Nature than beauty; it's a living,...

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