What can we infer about Teddy’s father in the exposition?

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We can infer from the exposition of the story that Teddy's father is kind, gentle, and fond of animals from the way he treats and speaks about the mongoose. When Teddy's father, who is "a big man," picks up the mongoose "between his finger and thumb" and then "wrapped him in cotton-wool, and warmed him," it is revealed through his actions that the father is a gentle giant. He treats the mongoose delicately and helps to rehabilitate him. When the mongoose jumps on Teddy's shoulder, he tells his son not to be afraid because "That's his way of making friends.'' Teddy's father is teaching his son to be respectful and unafraid of animals. When his father talks about the curious and friendly nature of the mongoose, the reader can infer that he is knowledgeable about animals and nature.

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