What can we do to produce less rubbish?

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engtchr5 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are lots of ways to produce less waste. One practical solution is the use of reusable grocery bags rather than relying upon supermarkets and stores to provide you with plastic or paper sacks instead. Furthermore, if you are only using the reusable bag, many times they are smaller than the standard grocery basket, meaning you are inclined to purchase less. Less product=less waste associated with the purchase.

Recycling is another answer -- while we may still be producing waste of some sort, it goes back into production as a new item (can, bag, paper, etc.). It has been estimated that by recycling one aluminum can, enough energy is produced to run a light bulb for one solid hour.

These are just two of the ways that we as consumers can produce less rubbish.

teamjacob96 | Student

educate people and spread awareness. Make your voice heard....it will help. 

jillyfish | Student

There is only one thing to do... Educate the consumer to reject products with large amounts of packaging. Here is the line of argument:

1) Industry is responsible for all packaging.

2) Industry produces far too much packaging because consumers like colorful packets and plastics.

3) Consumers drive industry's bad practice by creating a market for excess packaging.

4) So educate the consumer to reject excess packaging.

5) Industry will happily produce eco-friendly products to meet the new market needs.

Only the consumer can drive the green economy.