What can be a thesis if you are writing paragraph on holocaust?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Much of this is going to be dependent about the topic on which you are writing within the Holocaust. Simple question designed to help you here would be what are you going to prove in your paragraph?  This might be where being able to go back to the original assignment given would be good.  Once you have figured out the topic on which you are going to write, you will need to establish in your own mind and in the paragraph what is going to be proven.  This is where the reflection on your part is going to be essential.  Given the historical understanding of what you studied as well as any philosophical discussion points you have either read about or brought out in class discussion, I think this is where the points you are trying to prove as part of your thesis will emerge into the writing.  Go back to the original assignment, the readings in class, and your own discussion points to find a topic within the Holocaust the holds a great deal of relevance and importance for you and your thesis will come out of this.