What can the reader infer about Frank not wanting to read the paper in All My Sons?

What the reader can infer from Frank's not wanting to read the paper in All My Sons is that he's somewhat apart from the world that everyone else inhabits. The incredibly lucky Frank has built a nice little world for himself and his wife, and he doesn't want anything to spoil it, including all the bad news reported in the papers.

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In act 1, scene 1 of All My Sons, Joe Keller offers his neighbor Frank Lubey his Sunday newspaper. However, Frank makes it clear that he doesn't want to read it, as it's "all bad news."

One thing we can infer from this brief exchange is that Frank's not all that interested in what goes on beyond the confines of his white picket fence. As Frank was lucky enough to avoid the draft, World War II hasn't affected him in the same way as it has the Kellers and countless other families up and down the country. This fortunate situation has allowed Frank to build a nice little life for himself, his wife, Lydia, and their three children.

Understandably, the last thing that Frank wants is for anything to come into the good life he's created and spoil everything. That explains why he refuses to read Joe Keller's paper. He's sure that it'll be full of bad news, the doom and gloom he's determined to keep from his door.

Frank's doing just fine, and he doesn't want his happy family life to be disrupted by the world outside and all its troubles. He's had an incredible run of good luck, and he doesn't really want to be reminded that there are many people much less fortunate than himself.

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