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What can teachers do about Intergroup Education in multicultural education?

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Not familiar with Intergroup Education, I needed to do a little research. The Intergroup Education Movement began examining the problems of assimilation by immigrants into America. It seemed that Americans desired immigrants forget their own culture and adopt an American one. The Intergroup Education Movement, then, desired a change. They wanted to educate teachers on why students would remove themselves from others based upon their cultural differences.

The goal of the group was to help students of differing backgrounds to feel safe and secure within the walls of an educational environment. They desired the students to feel good about who they were, where they came from, and their place in society.

In order to do this, teachers must be open and embracing. Teachers must accept everything about students (race, ethnicity, religion, culture). Teachers also need to educate students on the importance of acceptance if differences between themselves and others. 

The Intergroup Education Movement provides a foundation on which educators can build comfortable environments. This movement focuses upon similarities and not differences. Teachers can do this as well. 

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