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Wuthering Heights

by Emily Brontë

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What is a summary of Wuthering Heights?

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We cannot write your assignment for you, but how about if I give you a list of important things about the plot, and then you put it together into a paragraph. You have read the novel, so you will know who the characters are that I list for this plot summary.

  1. Nelly Dean narrates a sad Victorian saga of the Earnshaw and Linton families to a tenant named Mr. Lockwood. It is a saga of love, passion, revenge, social class and cruelty that takes place on the Yorkshire Moors of England.
  2. Well-to-do children Catherine and Hindley Earnshaw are forced to grow up with a street urchin named Heathcliff whom their father has brought home with him one day from London.
  3. Catherine and Heathcliff form a bond with each other that turns into a most passionate love as they grow up, but they cannot marry because the differences in their social stations prevents it.
  4. Catherine marries the weak but wealthy Edgar Linton, even though she loves the passionate but troubled Heathcliff; Heathcliff runs away, becomes incredibly rich, returns and exacts revenge on all those who have treated him poorly in his life, including the woman he loves, Catherine.
  5. Catherine and Edgar have a daughter, young Catherine. Lindley marries Frances and has a son, Hareton. Heathcliff marries Isabella Linton and has a child, Linton.
  6. The pathos of the novel is resolved by the younger generation when young Catherine Linton marries Hareton Earnshaw.

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