What can be said about ambition in Macbeth and generally about the human condition? ambition in macbeth ambition in human nature

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Macbeth is traditionally considered to be a tragic hero and tragic heroes always have a fatal flaw of which Macbeth's is undisputedly his unchecked ambition.

Of the many problems that Macbeth brings upon himself, it is his ambition that drives him. He is aware of this and that his "Vaulting ambition...o'erleaps itself..."This is the thing that will ultimately destroy him. He allows his ambition to discount his better judgment.

Even when the odds are stacked against him such is his need to be king that he " will not yield, To kiss the ground before young Malcolm's feet.."

He is intrigued by the witches and does trust them, to the point of visiting them to be sure of his path but he not trust them sufficiently to  leave the timing of his rise to kingship in their hands.He does, however, contemplate it

if chance will have me king,why chance may crown me/...

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