Gertrude and Claudius

by John Updike

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What can I research about concerning the novel Gertrude and Claudius for my senior thesis?

I was told to write a senior thesis and my topic deals with the novel Gertrude and Claudius, after we finished reading Hamlet. My teacher gave us the freedom to research anything as long as its approved. I must show her 4 hard cover books. I do not know what 2 other books I should bring other than "Gertrude and Claudius" and Hamlet.

Expert Answers

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Two other titles come to mind:

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard and Grendel by John Gardner. Both of these titles rework classic tales into something new and more modern. It might be interesting to compare and contrast the way various authors have adapted classic works to a new era.

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