What can I reflect upon about Stotan!?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one topic of reflection from Crutcher's work is how young people display social solidarity.  It is quite remarkable how members of the team look out for one another, battle the personal challenges each face, and the social obstacles that are present in the lives of teammates.  I think that  a point of reflection here would be to examine whether or not we see those habits of social solidarity in teens today.  Do we see issues on a general or specific level where teenagers speak out and stand up for one another, knowing personal risk might be involved?  Another point of reflection would be whether or not we see this in high school teammates of today.  With all the emphasis on what sports can bring to the secondary school athlete, is it standard to see so much collectivity and camaraderie amongst teammates?  Crutcher depicts a team where personal interests are subjugated for both the team good and the individual good of teammates.  Is that the case today? The final point of reflection is based off of this.  Crutcher's work depicts the high impact, high intensity world of competitive sports.  In 1986, the time it was written, the use of steroids or performance enhancing drugs, was not something evident or so easily present.  The question for reflection would be that if Crutcher revisited his novel today, what role would steroids or PEDs play in this process of team and competition?  We now know that young people abuse these drugs often and to see Crutcher address that in a modernization of the work would be an interesting topic upon which to reflect.

sashafierce97 | Student
I would say that you can reflect on how the main characters all stuck up for one another! They wouldn't let someone be rude or crude their fellow teammate. They treated each other like family and they treated eachother with respect!
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