what can parents and teachers do to encourage good health practices in school-age children?can you give me the citation where you found the information 

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trophyhunter1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Children learn by what they see in many instances. Parents can model activities such as exercising and making proper nutrition choices with their children. They can allow children to help prepare healthy meals so that they feel involved. They can discuss importance of drinking fluids, eating whole grains and lean meats and avoiding such things as caffeine, corn syrup, fried foods, and salt. In school age children, teachers as well as parents can address physical growth and development, drug and alcohol abuse, safety crossing streets, bicycling, and doing other sports activities. Disease prevention and nutrition can also be addressed in school as impressionable children may develop lifelong practices that may impact their health in a positive way.

rexnmickey | Student

The most important lesson parent and teachers can learn is to make learning fun for children They will tend to retain more of the information. This is alluded to in The my healthy school.com website. "To give kids an idea of how long it should take to thoroughly wash their hands, teach them to sing Happy Birthday or their ABC's twice while scrubbing." Also giving the instructions with visual example. This was also referenced to in the My healthy school.com website.


In essence fun and visualization is the most important key to achieve encouraging good health practice in school age children