If you were traveling into space, what would be pack?

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This is a fascinating topic in that it reveals much about a person.  For me as an educator, Christa McAuliffe is a hauntingly powerful image.  The idea of a teacher in space whose desire was to teach a lesson from space to millions of students on Earth is compellingly inspirational.  It is here where I would pack my things appropriately.  I would bring a dry/ erase board and markers for visual aids, as well as some books as reference points.  I think that there is something really impressive in teaching a lesson that could be taught on Earth, yet teaching it in space.  I would bring a short story unit that I teach about dissension amongst human beings.  Then, in teaching this lesson from space, I think that there might be a thematically inspirational element that can hope to bridge the differences amongst people when teaching it from a position where all people can develop affinity for it.  I think that bringing materials, such as the packet of stories that students already have, that would enable this lesson to be taught from above back below would be something that I would bring to make my experience and my lesson more meaningful.  It is a personalized response, but I thought that given the question, it required a personalized analysis.

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