What can my thesis statemnet be for comparing the film Troy and the actual mythology of the Trojan War as seen in the Iliad?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the most direct thesis statements would be to bring out how Homer's Iliad and the film are different in scope and sequence.  A thesis statement about this could be that one of the primary differences between both works is that Homer's work spends much more time discussing the role of the divine in the Trojan War, something that is minimized in the film.  I think that the Gods and Goddesses in Homer's work occupy a far greater role than what is shown in the film.  Another thesis statement can focus on the ideas of how there is a sense of tragedy shown in both through the character of Hector.  The Trojan prince is revealed to be the center of Homer's action in the literary work, and is also the center of the tragic predicament in the film.  Both focus on Hector as the center of what tragic collisions between incommensurate notions of the good do to human beings and a thesis statement can revolve around this, also.  The construction of a thesis statement is going to be based on the assignment or task expectations and what needs to be proven.  Once this is identified, the thesis statement can be made to reflect it.