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In the book In the Time of Butterflies Chapter 9 is Dede's explanation of her own desire to try and be a part of her sister's commitment but then again he commitment to her own family.  She had been having marital problems between her husband and herself.  She had chosen to see the town priest and she realized that he was part of the underground movement.

When Dede returned home her husband had taken off with the boys and gone to his mothers.  She was in a panic.  Part of her had wanted to be part of what her sisters were doing but she could not risk losing her boys.  Her sisters and brothers in law wen with her to talk to Jaimito at the mother-in-law's home.  Dede ended up getting back with her husband and they went on a trip to where they had gone on their honeymoon.  However, something inside her had changed.

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