What can foreign filmmakers do to increase the demand for their movies in the United States?

Expert Answers
William Delaney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One thing that foreign filmmakers could do to increase the demand for their movies in the United States would obviously be spend more money on advertising. American films are heavily advertised and promoted by other means in the U.S., especially through the use of public relations specialists. If money is spent on advertising, the print and television media will respond by giving bonus coverage in the form of reviews, news items, and interviews. There are many Americans who like foreign films and would be likely to go to more of them if they were aware of them; but many foreign films come and go so quickly that people miss them.

Many foreign films are only shown in New York and Los Angeles. There must be American cities where there are big populations of immigrants who speak the languages used in the foreign films made in countries like India and Iran. These people could be targeted through research into demographics and specialized media.

Foreign filmmakers could pay more attention to the writing that goes into their products. The stories are often weak and pointless, lacking in continuity, suggesting that the director and the cameraman believe they can turn out a good movie without a good script. They ought to study the films of directors like Alfred Hitchcock and John Huston. They ought to refer to a book by Lajos Egri titled The Art of Dramatic Writing.

College campuses all over the U.S. might be good markets for foreign-made films. Getting the films to young people would be a good way to cultivate interest which would continue throughout their lives.