What can I do with when brackets are there like 2(x+90) I dont get it

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justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To solve problems that have the expression of the form 2(x + 90), you have to open the brackets. When that is done each term inside the bracket is multiplied by the term outside.

In the case of 2(x + 90), you would have to multiply both x as well as 90 by 2.

2(x + 90)

=> 2*x + 2*90

=> 2x + 180

Similarly if you have to deal with something like (a + b)(c + d)

=> a(c + d) + b(c + d)

=> ac + ad + bc + bd

The result of 2(x + 90) is 2x + 180

namji | Student

Hi, wizarcd.

In order to solve the brackets in math, you can expand them.

In order to expand, you must multiply the component outside the bracket with what is inside the bracket.

For example, if there is 2(x+90), you can multiply 2 by x and 90.

so the answer would be 2x+180.


shadover | Student

the bracket mean multiplication.


2(x+90) = 2x+180


tylak | Student

when you get brackets like that you have to multiply it     

for example 2(x+90)=2x+180