Given the following situation, your insight would be valued.I am the captain of my cricket team at my school. Last month, I made specifications for my teammates about our ground game plan, but now...

Given the following situation, your insight would be valued.

I am the captain of my cricket team at my school. Last month, I made specifications for my teammates about our ground game plan, but now I find that some specifications are wrong. I have already distributed them all. What can I do?

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In my mind, I sense a couple of issues here at play.  The first is one of leadership.  I think that we confuse "leadership" with "infallibility."  Good leaders, the very best of leaders, are quick to recognize and understand their own limitations and their own mistakes.  As the leader of this team, I don't think you would lose credibility if you were able to go to your team and say that your original calculations were not entirely accurate.  Part of being a great team is recognizing when adjustments are made and part of being a great leader is being able to pull your teammates and ask them to help you help them.  If leaders were perfect and above reproach, they would not be human.  The reality is that leadership, specifically sports leadership, is not so much about technical provisions, or what is known as "X's and O's."  Rather, it's about self actualization and merging the subjective into the collective.  Pat Riley writes about this in his book, Showtime, regarding his own coaching of the Los Angeles Lakers.  In much the same way, I think that going to your teammates, individuals who naturally trust you by virtue of being captain, and telling them what needs to be done is an important step in being able to help all of you out and being able to solidify your own leadership.  The best leaders I have seen in the sports arenas are the ones who can look their teammates in the eyes and ask for their help as they all strive for a common end.  Something happens at that moment, for the recognition of something larger is understood and this is when greatness becomes a unit.  As their leader, opening this dialogue and asking them to keep the larger goal, your cricket team's success, in mind only helps all of you.  Silence or trying to pass something off when it is not authentic does not enhance leadership.  Rather, it takes from away from collective success because it is not evidence of self- actualization, something that all sports units and captains require in order to find their success.

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oh! yes did a big mistake but if your match is after some time you still have time to salvage and explain to your team mates. Firstly collect all game plan papers which you distributed. Secondly, scan them in a scanner, then go to buy some credits, upload the scanned game plan document, convert it into word and the delete the errors you made earlier. All the best!

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