What can I do for my contribution towards conservation of nature?

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gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

An individual can do a lot to conserve the nature. Possible activities in this direction can be classified in terms of what part of nature they help to conserve. One of the major challenges of our time is water availability and pollution. Easiest contributions of an individual can be reduced water consumption by changing of habits and use of more efficient fixtures. Another step that all of us can take is by ensuring the cleanliness of our water resources.

We should look to saving our air, by simple steps such as less use of fossil fuels (say less driving), and reduced electricity consumption (since most if our electricity is generated by fossil fuels). One great example of this is by setting our thermostats a couple of degrees lower and wearing one extra layer for warmth, say sweaters and jackets. Another example is by walking short distances instead of driving, or by using more fuel efficient vehicles.

We also need to ensure appropriate supply of oxygen and reduced carbon dioxide. This can be achieved by maintaining appropriate tree cover. We can also reduce solid waste by using least amount of wrappings and packaging or using material with recycled packaging. Use of organic produce will decrease the consumption of pesticides and fertilizers. There are other steps, as well, that one can take at the individual level to conserve our nature. 

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