What can I do to make myself stand out when going to an interview in the accounting field?What can I do to make myself stand out when going to an interview in the accounting field?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It seems like these types of questions are some of the most important when attempting to obtain a position or job.  I think that that larger issue here is how can one make themselves presentable at a job interview.  This is tough because it involves a bit more than your body of work.  You have to balance many different elements.  You have to be likable, but not ingratiating.  You have to be confident, but not come across as aggressive.  You have to come across as thoughtful, but not passive.  It's tough.  I think that you can go on the web and find many different sites to give you tips on how to present yourself in an interview that give you the best opportunity.  I do think that there are some elements that you should keep in mind.  One would be for you to not pretend to be something you are not.  You have a body of work, highlight that.  You have done some very strong work in the field of accounting (at least we believe that), make sure the interviewee knows that.  You are conscientious (posting on enotes would prove that), ensure that they understand that.  Be who you are.  Obviously, make sure you are able to succinctly identify how your skill set is matched for a specific position in the company.  Specificity in this realm is a good thing.  Some background research on the company might not be such a bad idea, as well.  The usual grooming, punctuality, and organization tips are applicable.  Finally, if you know that there are specific elements that are being sought in the interview, make sure those are highlighted.

krishna-agrawala | Student

For doing well in interview for any job there are two kind of requirements. One is adequate job knowledge, and the other is how well you are able to convey a positive image about your knowledge, skill, and other personality traits necessary for the job.

There is no short cut to having a good job knowledge. One needs to prepare for it for extended period during formal education as well as on learning on the job and self study. If a person does not gave adequate knowledge required for a particular job, it is better not to try to get such a job. Even if a person is able to get a job he or she is not qualified for by bluffing or other similar means, the chances are that he or she  may be soon dismissed from the job for poor performance.

Thus the main task during an interview is to project a right image about your knowledge, skills, accomplishments, and personality during the interview. Basic communication skills are useful in any job interview. such skills can only be acquired through practice over an extended period. Besides these, one needs to find out about the requirement of the company and the job before the interview, so that during the interview the aspects important for the job and the company can be highlighted.

Personal appearance, and common etiquette and courtesy including things like punctuality are also important for success in a job interview.