What can I do to be the hands of Christ on earth?

Expert Answers
stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are so many possible answers to this question and this desire that no one will get them all.

One starting point would be prayer. The need for prayer is continuous and universal. You could pray for specific people or situations, pray for general conditions, pray for relationships between people/countries, etc.

If you feel led to become involved in more concrete actions of service, get involved in helping others. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or food pantry, visit with shut-ins who don't have family members close by, act as an assistant for a Special Olympics athlete, join the construction crew of your local Habitat for Humanity organization,... All of these ideas will be dependent upon what organizations and activities are available wherever you live, but the needs are everywhere. Identify the concern(s) that speak to your heart and find a way to address them through service to others.

omeiza | Student

If you do the following, Christ hands will be yours and yours Christ's.1. Give to the poor from your little with love and devotion. 2. Extend the good news of love, then salvation. And lastly, ask Him to make you His hands on earth. Thank you.


dtwenstrup | Student

Christ came to Earth to be a sacrament or visible sign of God's love for all people. God wanted to reveal Himself to all human beings, so He sent Jesus to Earth to reveal Himself and His will. Christ spent his life helping others, healing, teaching, and bringing the Kingdom of God to Earth. Then to show how great God's love is, Jesus suffered, died, and resurrected from the dead for all humankind. Following in the footsteps of Jesus, then, whenever we show selfless or self-sacrificing love to others, we are being the hands of Christ. There are endless ways to do this, for example washing the dishes for your family, offering to babysit, visiting a sick person in the hospital, baking cookies for a fundraiser for a children’s hospital, working in a soup kitchen or homeless shelter, offering someone a ride, helping a friend understand their homework etc. These are all ways to be Christ’s loving hands in the world and help bring about the Kingdom of God on Earth.